You've been watching a million tutorials, and you've purchased a ton of product, but you still feel lost and insecure about applying your own makeup.

You've been wondering what your everyday life would be like if you could finally do your own natural and polished makeup look.


But, understanding how to make makeup make sense for your skin has cost you time, money and even your willpower. 


You CAN absolutely apply

a natural, polished look

on yourself in under 20 minutes!

Applying smooth and flawless makeup in less than 20 minutes is absolutely possible if you follow my 3-step makeup method that I will teach you. I have been where you are - not knowing where to start, or what's right from wrong, and why hat your'e doing isn't working. 


Therefore, I know YOU have the ability to:

  • Look and feel attractive when you show up in life
  • Have the convenience of doing your own makeup at home
  • And maximize your beauty budget with product and tools that will work for you



I am going to show you inside of Self-Serving Face Fast Track Program.

I can go into the store. And I don't have to just be picking up stuff 'cause they're pretty, and I have an idea of what I need when I go into the store. I just don't have to buy random stuff. And I know that I can accomplish that look without having like 50 million jars of whatever, or 50 million brushes, but I can accomplish that look with just... My basic tools that I need.




Mom, Career Woman

So definitely the results have been the confidence in knowing what I'm doing, knowing how to apply it, and just feeling good and having fun with it. Before, I would see people applying makeup and I would see it as like a chore, something they had to do, whereas now I'm like, "This is fun. Playing in the colour combinations, transforming, it's fun." It's like my hobby after I put the kids to bed now.

Deidre Ellis

Wife, Mom of 2, Career Woman

So prior to June 2020, I knew absolutely nothing. I could not even tell you what foundation was. Now, just knowing and understanding the hows and the whys, it makes everything make sense. And that's what I was not getting before.








LaToya Self

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

Self-Serving Face is an 8 week makeup intensive designed to boost your confidence by teaching you timeless makeup skills that will carry you through wherever life may lead. You will experience weekly lessons and interactive training to help you master a natural and polished look and a beautiful glam glow - like a pro!

What you will learn:

  • Week 1

    How to Choose and Match Your Products based on your Skin Type and Skin Concerns

    We will unfold the details behind your skin, identify your skin concerns, and determine the best skincare products (such as moisturizer, primer, and foundation) to help your makeup last and look flawless.


    Learn the science behind matching makeup to your melanated skin complexion without the confusion. You will understand how to choose the right shades to create a natural look that shows up great in your selfies and pictures.

  • Week 2

    Fill Your Brows Like a Pro

    You will learn 2 of my signature brow fill methods that will help you whether your brows are sparse or full. You will also learn how to sculpt your brows to look sharp yet natural like the pros.

  • Week  3

    Day to Nighttime Eyeshadow (2 looks)

    Whether you’re about to go live on social media or preparing for a hot date night, this week is dedicated to learning and practicing 2 looks - (1) a natural daytime eye and (2) a captivating nighttime eye. You will see how one step will easily transition your look. In addition, you will learn how to apply eyeliner even if you have shaky hands.

  • Week  4

    Naturally Flawless Highlighting and Contouring

    You will learn how to cover your blemishes and dark under eye circles naturally without looking cakey. You will also learn the science of highlighting and contouring to create a smooth, polished look that accentuates your best features without making you look like a different person.​

  • Week 5

    Building the Beat

    You will review eyeshadow looks, practice highlighting and contouring and learn how to fully finish the look like a pro.

  • Week 6

    BONUS: Winged Eyeliner and Lashes

    This bonus lesson is to help you turn up the dramatics. Learn how to best apply winged eyeliner for your eye shape, and how to apply lashes without glueing your eyes shut!

  • Week 7

    Look 3: The Sultry, Smokey Eye

    Smokey doesn’t alway mean black. In this bonus lesson, you will learn how to draw attention to your eyes by creating a sultry eyeshadow look that won’t leave you looking like a raccoon.

  • Week 8

    Beat the Clock + Customize Your Look

    In our final week, you will put all your new makeup skills against the clock. This will be a friendly challenge to help you minimize the makeup thought process and save time on your application. You will also learn how to further customize your look to suit wherever life takes you.

You will have access to a private Facebook community where you can network and share your progress with other everyday makeup beginners like yourself, while getting feedback on your makeup practice.

It’s time to stop hiding and feeling insecure.

You can learn exactly how to use your makeup and brushes to apply a natural, polished look for any occasion!


Think about it...


You want to get your makeup done at least once a month for $100 (including gratuity). Imagine a yearly savings of $1200/year by being your own makeup artist. (Or, you can do your own

All you have to do is simply learn how to do your own glam at your convenience.


Once you understand your skin's needs, perfect your product match, and practice the correct application steps to get a flawless look, you’ll be able to show up with confidence and change how you feel about yourself.


Are you ready to do your makeup like a pro forever?!



Inside of Self-Serving Face, you will learn 3 looks:

The Basic Beat, a Natural Glam, and a Smokey Eye

Your Investment into Your Confidence

VALUE OF $5197

  • Your physically mailed Makeup starter kit that includes quality products needed for a polished look (with the exception of complexion-specific products

  • 8 weeks of detailed makeup lessons and practice, Creating 3 makeup looks

    (natural, glam and smokey eye)

  • 8 weekly virtual coaching sessions with personalized feedback

  • And bonus lessons:

    • Smokey Eye
    • Winged Eyeliner
    • Lashes Done Right The First Time
  • Payment plans are available.

Register Today

You really CAN do your own makeup!

You’re tired of not knowing what you’re doing when it comes to makeup.

It’s exhausting freaking out because your makeup artist is not available.

It’s frustrating watching hundreds of tutorials, and still not getting that pro look.

It’s getting old watching everyone create all these beautiful, flawless looks, and you’re still lost.


The time to enroll is now. Don’t let another zoom call, photoshoot, or date night go by and you still don’t have full confidence in your own makeup skills.


Zii Davis

Hey there! My name is Zii, and for more than 8 years, I’ve been a professional makeup artist to both celebrities and everyday women. This may surprise you, but I’m not “a makeup person”, and that alone has given me my superpower of keeping you looking like you! 


After gracing 1000s of faces, I have tried tons of products and learned so many tips, tricks, and game-changing techniques that will have your application looking so smooth and lasting all day long. 

Currently, I teach everyday makeup beginners how to easily do their own makeup like a pro. I help you maximize your beauty budget, save time on your application, and better your makeup skills so that you can show up with confidence online and in real life.


What are the program dates?

How long will I have access to the program material?

What is the time commitment per week?

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

Do I get support, community, or one on one access to you?

What is the refund policy?

What is the investment? Are there any payment options?

What's the difference between this program and other education you offer?

  • BTYT University is a self-paced institute that teaches you from A-Z how to do your makeup like a pro. This includes monthly content added with 1 monthly virtual group coaching.

  • LIVE Classes are taught once monthly on the areas of brows, eyeshadow, lashes, or makeup fundamentals. Both complimentary and premium classes are offered.

  • Self Serving Face Program is an intensive 8-week accelerated version is BTYT University. This experience includes 8 weekly consecutive virtual coaching sessions with me so that you can learn how to master your makeup faster with intense help.

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